Compile a time-lapse using photoshop

For most photographers, creating a time-lapse can seem complicated and daunting, with often thousands of RAW images to deal with it’s usually easier to shoot them than it is to find the time (and patience!) to compile them. However many of the core skills used in photography are transferable to the time-lapse workflow and good photographers often make the best time-lapses as they have a solid knowledge of composition and lighting. If you shoot raw and know your way around Photoshop you already have 90% of the knowledge and skills you need to create a world-class time-lapse. If you’re a photographer looking at experimenting with video or just want to step up your time-lapse game we have created a simple but extremely effective post-production tutorial using only the software you already know and love – Photoshop.

Photoshop is a tool known and used by almost all photographers from amateur to professional. If you can capture and edit a great looking image in Photoshop then you have all the skills you need to compile an amazing time-lapse. Unknown to most, Photoshop which is part of the Creative Cloud Photography Plan has a simple video editor built in which is perfect for compiling and exporting a basic time-lapse.

Compiling a time-lapse as a photographer can be daunting due to the need for complicated and expensive video software such as LR time-lapse or premiere as well as the time it takes to learn these new tools. Using a 3-Axis motion control time-lapse we shot down in Fiordland, New Zealand we take you through how to convert your epic images into a silky smooth time-lapse.

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