Devin Supertramp uses Magic Carpet Pro for his productions

YouTube star Devin Supertramp‘s creates epic videos to inspire everyone to take on the world. His real name is Devin Graham and he has gained over 4 million subscribers on Youtube. His channel amasses around 600 million views.

A while back, Devin started a new channel together with his team (Carter Hogan, Seth Jones, Tyson Henderson, Zane O’Gwin and Brandon Hoffmann) to share with the world all their behind the scenes videos. Here they talk about the gear he uses, tips, tricks and everything that you need to know about Devinsupertramp’s productions.

Devin is already the proud owner of a Magic Carpet, but this time we wanted him to test our all-new Magic Carpet Pro. This is the result.



More Devin Supertramp videos using Syrp gear:

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