EOS R – from many perspectives

After Canon made the stunning announcement of their first step into the world of full-frame mirrorless, we couldn’t refuse their invitation to team up with a handful of filmmakers and photographers to shoot on the brand new Canon EOS R.

Loaded with a full kit of varying cameras from Canon, including 3 x EOS R’s, the idea was to let the team loose over 3 days with all the gear. We wanted all their different perspectives to tell the story of going away surfing with a bunch of mates over a weekend. On return, we were left with an ample amount of amazing video and photos, all shot from different minds.

Keep scrolling down to find everything about this project.

The team

Richard Hodder – @inthedrink
With a fond love for the outdoors, the ocean and making memories, Richard finds inspiration in those who choose to live the life they want, rather than what is expected of them.

Ben Vercauteren – @fezrampant
Fez is Syrp Senior Content Producer according to LinkedIn, but the truth is that he is a lot more than that. He is a storyteller focused on crafting meaningful and impactful films to inspire others.

Amber Jones – @amberandfriendsphotography
Photographer and videographer
Amber has an innate passion for the environment (especially the sea) and she wants to be telling stories of the companies and brands who have social, environmental and ethically values.

Tasha Meys – @tastefullytasth
A moment captured is worth so much more than a moment forgotten and Meys is great at this, working with brands all over the world and meeting incredible like-minded creatives and business owners.

Matthijs Blok – @matthijsblok_
Syrp filmmaker, post-production expert and stop motion master, every time Matt works his magic, he leaves everyone speechless with the most creative and epic films.

Mischa Davis – @mischadavis
She is the ‘legendary’ New Zealand surfing champion. When she’s not competing in top-level surfing contests, she is putting on her hand-made mermaid tail and exploring underwater.

Mitch Broadhurst – @mitchbroadhurst
This professional graphic designer decided to turn his passion for surfing into his career and founded the luxury surfboard traction brand Velvet Grip. He enjoys his days doing what he loves the most.

Jason Domancie – @jasondomancie
Filmmaker and motion graphic engineer-master never turns his nose up at a weekend away surfing.

Rob Mitchell – @bobjmitchell
Not one wave is the same and that’s exactly what challenges Rob every time he gets in the water. His second biggest passion is to create natural products that can offer real nutrition to like-minded people.


The gear

We always get asked about the gear when we are out on a new filmmaking mission and for this one, we didn’t pack light! Thanks to Feldon Shelters, we had 3 Land Rovers with plenty of cargo space to load all our heavy-duty filmmaking gear.

This just a summary of what we packed to make this video possible:

3 x Canon EOS R
3 x Canon 1DX Mark II EOS
1 x Canon EOS C200 Cinema Camera
2 x Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Motion Control
Loaded with 2 x Genie II’s and some Genie Mini’s there was no time lapse we weren’t keen to set up.

With magic carpets for all our time-lapses we made the most of the MC Pro for our video shots. The C200 was a dream on the Magic Carpet Pro.

Want to know more about what was on our camera bag? Ask us on Instagram! @syrp_


The location

Oh New Zealand and its wonderful landscapes. We are really lucky to live in this country and we didn’t have to go far to find stunning beaches for shooting this film. For this project, we headed to Ninety Mile Beach, located west of Kaitaia, on the West Coast of Northland. This is the perfect location for surfing and the ultimate spot for a filmmaking adventure. With the right vehicle, you can drive along the coast and free camp on the beach! Absolutely stunning!


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