We’re back with another filmmaking guide to help you learn some essential filmmaking skills and create some epic content. We’ve also managed to convince our friend and professional time-lapser, Morten Rustad, to come back for his second guide (you can watch his first one on shooting a long distance time-lapse with the Slingshot here), this time showing you how to film a ramping sunset motion time-lapse.

The guide takes you through everything from composing your initial shot, the speed of your motion and manually ramping you ISO to taking your time-lapse through the editing process.

The gear used in this tutorial includes:

+ Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightroom

Morten uses the Genie Mini to create a panning motion, which is our pocket-sized motion control unit that makes setting up and running time-lapses, videos, panoramas and product photography shoots easy. Controlled wirelessly from your phone or tablet, the Genie Mini takes care of triggering the shutter at specific intervals, how long your time-lapse will run and the speed of the motion.

Regardless of whether you have a Genie Mini or not, however, we definitely recommend taking a look at the filmmaking guide – Morten has some excellent tips for setting up that will help anyone looking to up their time-lapse game improve.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Morten’s location for this guide provided an incredible Norwegian skyline. He’s been shooting time-lapses since university and has managed to do the almost-impossible – turn it into a career. He first hit our computer screens in 2014 with his viral sensation ‘Norway – a Time-lapse Adventure’ which we highly recommend watching if you’re in need of a little bit of inspiration before heading off on your own shoot. Or if you just want to watch something rad. Just watch it.

More recently (ie. earlier this year) Morten released his second time-lapse film, ‘Seasons of Norway’ which takes you through Norway’s incredible seasonal weather changes in only a way Morten can. Let’s be honest he’s killing it, and we’re stoked we managed to talk him around to a second filmmaking guide. Watch it, ask us questions and learn from a master at work.

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